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Maak je eigen podcast – 7 tips

Momenteel werk ik aan een podcast over een muziekinstrument samen met twee collega’s. We hebben inmiddels veertien mensen geïnterviewd.

Radio Wira Wiri #13

This episode of Radio Wira Wiri contains Raitila Rajasthan Band; Senegalese singer-songwriter Oumar Ndiaye; innovative, free jazz, psychedelic band Karkhana; a reissue of the Turkish folk/ jazz singer Tülay German; Jono Heyes on a magicmoreRadio Wira Wiri #13

Radio Wira Wiri #12

In this episode three genuine diva’s: Natacha Atlas, Sofia Rei and Dobet Gnahoré; and Afropunk of BLK JKS; Kalaha, an anarchist band from Denmark; a recording of the Telemarkfestivalen 1994, featuring Lillebjørn Nilsen & AndymoreRadio Wira Wiri #12

Radio Wira Wiri #11

In this epidose: raw traditional music from Egypt, India and the Comoro islands, but first the project Cloud of I a project of Yuli Shafriri; big band Balimaya Project led by composer/arranger and Djembe player,moreRadio Wira Wiri #11

1-minuut-Patricio Wang

For promotional purposes I made 1-minute videos for the concerts of Old Roots New Routes.

Radio Wira Wiri #10

In this episode you hear the singer-songwriter Samba Touré from Mali (picture); Turkish classical/cinema singer Efruze; Anatolian music in German of Ozan Ata Canani; singer-songwriter Jadsa from Bahia; Finis Africae, an important exponent of themoreRadio Wira Wiri #10