Radio Wira Wiri #36

In this episode: 3’Ain, contemporary jazz and world with oriental influences; Le Cri du Caire is halfway between rock, Sufi poetry, jazz, spoken word and oriental flourishes; Østerlide, a Folk music trio that gives new life to old folk tunes, hymns, tater songs and shilling songs; Embodied Poetry by ud player and composer Mehmet Polat; experimental folk by La Tène from Switzerland; Ancient-Future uses Rag Basant as a base; Les Abranis, the pioneering Algerian band that blended traditional Berber music with rock; Irma Ferreira and the beauty of the Afro-brazilian religious repertoire of the Candomblé; desertblues of Al Bilali Soudan from Timbuktu; and an intimate encounter of folklore and storytelling of Triana y Luca.