These short documentaries have been published on the website of VPRO Vrije Geluiden. The first one is shot in Praia, capital of Cabe Verde. Magda Pucci and me followed the batuqadeiro group Flor de Rabenta. At the house of Edna, the musical leader, and on the streets where they sell food.

This one was shot in Imbassaí (Bahia, Brazil) at a multi-ethnic meeting. The person I interviewed is an activist, a flutist and a retired huka-huka champion. His name is Anuiá Amarü, an indigenous Brazilian from the Parque Indígena do Xingu protected area.

At the Holland Festival in Amsterdam there was a special night with modern Indonesian music, I ran from stage to stage to interview the performers.

You can find more videos on Charlie’s Hunt For Sounds