Radio Wira Wiri #37

In this episode: the raw sound of Maurice Louca & Elephantine (cover); Jinn, the encounter of Alberto N.A. Turra on electric guitar and Peppe Frana on oud; a modern interpretation of a Macedonian folk song by Baklava; kora player Djeli Moussa Condé & percussionist Gérald Bonnegrace; Ethnic Heritage Ensemble ft. Dwight Trible and David Ornette Cherry pay a tribute to Don Cherry; Mai is Mariana Baraj, Anna Sato and Irma Osno; Algerian Berber singer of chaoui music, Houria Aichi; desert rock of Tarwa N-Tiniri from Ouarzazate, Morocco; singer-songwriter Bára Zmeková from Czech Republic; Mushabizi Jean Marie Vianey, a famous inanga player from Rwanda.