Radio Wira Wiri #38

In this episode, Greek pianist and composer Tania Giannouli; Croatian musician Adam Semijalac; Moroccan urban-world-jazz of Malika Zarra; songwriter and saxophonist Alabaster DePlume featuring Momoko Gill (aka MettaShiba); a collaboration of the Israeli singer, musician and producer Dudu Tassa with composer and guitarist Jonny Greenwood featuring Nour Freteikh; Kayhan Kalhor and Toumani Diabaté; Cantares del Pacifico from Buenaventura; Colombia; composer and tar player Maryam Tezhdeh; Hiram Salsano, a musician and ethnographic researcher from Campania; Nusantara Beat from Amsterdam with a deep connection to their Indonesian roots; Saîdê Goyî, a traditional musician and storyteller from the Uludere district of Şırnak; two songs from the album Taa! Our Language May Be Dying, but Our Voices Remain, recorded and produced by Ian Brennan.