Radio Wira Wiri #39

In this episode, the Bolivian Luzmila Carpio spreading messages of the indigenous struggle; Shye Ben Tzur with a minimalistic ‘sound laboratory’; Leon Keïta from the Malian music scene of the 70s; Dyad, a new duo of the Belgian diatonic accordionist Didier Laloy and the French double bass player Adrien Tyberghein; Aurélia Nardini from Marseille wants us to look inward; cross over guitarist Jan Wouter Oostenrijk; Chouk Bwa from the heartland of Haitian Vodou and the Brussels-based avant-garde electronic duo The Ångströmer (albumcover); flamenco guitarist Tarek Ghriri; overtone singer Batsükh Dorj from Mongolia; and the Beirut-based free-rock post-folk sextet SANAM.