Radio Wira Wiri #34

In this episode Edo Funk from The Good Samaritans; a collaboration of the Italian musician and composer Samuele Strufaldi with the musicians from Gohouo-Zagna in the Ivory Coast (picture); Don Plok, Soom T & Dunumba Soundsystem; Ekobe music fused with Igbo Highlife by the Nigerian singer Azuka Anthony Moweta; Yalla Miku with musicians from North & East Africa and Geneva; Sheikhs Shikhats & B’net Chaabi; schroothoop from Belgium; the Afro-Colombian Sexteto Tabalá; Brazilian singer & songwriter Anna Setton; Ghanaian singer, kologo player, experimenter King Ayisoba; and Amsterdam-based sextet Altin Gün.