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Radio Wira Wiri #46

In this episode, L’Étrangleuse from Lyon; progressive MPB of Domenico Lancellotti; Munojat Yulchieva vocalist of classical Uzbek vocalist; Avalanche Kaito together with guitarist Nico Gitto and drummer/producer Benjamin Chaval; Sam Lee, protector of song andmoreRadio Wira Wiri #46

Radio Wira Wiri #45

In this episode, Beijing-based bass beats artist Howie Lee; musician and producer Forest Law; jazz singer Kavita Shah inspired by Cape Verde; Catalonian folk quartet La Viu-Viu; the contemporary ensemble of the Finnish composer, guitaristmoreRadio Wira Wiri #45

Radio Wira Wiri #44

In this episode, a track from the album Africatown, AL, by producer Ian Brennan; Zurich based production duo Okvsho features Argentinian-Swiss rapper Akira; French percussionist, pianist and singer Natascha Rogers; rockartist Sahra Halgan from Somaliland;moreRadio Wira Wiri #44

Radio Wira Wiri #43

In this episode the Cambodian-American band Dengue Fever (picture); Antonis Antoniou’s Buzz’ Ayaz; Marthe quartet and the South African singer Pilani Bubu; the Afro-Jazz musician Pamela Badjogo from Gabon; clarinetist Petroloukas Halkias and laouto playermoreRadio Wira Wiri #43

Radio Wira Wiri #42

In this edition, forró by Ary Lobo (1958); gaucho guitarist Gustavo Pazos Conde; Argentine folk/experimental artist Soema Montenegro; French-Moroccan band Aywa; Norwegian-Malian percussionist Sidiki Camara; Fine Blue Thread with Javanese vocals, baroque cello and tabla;moreRadio Wira Wiri #42

Radio Wira Wiri #41

In this episode, Musa Diatta on the ekonting (lute); a reissue of the 3rd album of Akiko Yano; Brighton-based band Wax Machine; Santrofi & the Omniversal Earkestra live in concert; Bixiga 70 ft. Simone Sou;moreRadio Wira Wiri #41

Radio Wira Wiri #40

In this episode an anti war song of La Riippa Group from Finland; experimental rock duo Hyperculte from Switzerland; Koum Tara, a French-Algerian group around jazz pianist Karim Maurice; LuizGa from Brazil and Edgar ValentemoreRadio Wira Wiri #40

Radio Wira Wiri #39

In this episode, the Bolivian Luzmila Carpio spreading messages of the indigenous struggle; Shye Ben Tzur with a minimalistic ‘sound laboratory’; Leon Keïta from the Malian music scene of the 70s; Dyad, a new duomoreRadio Wira Wiri #39

Radio Wira Wiri #38

In this episode, Greek pianist and composer Tania Giannouli; Croatian musician Adam Semijalac; Moroccan urban-world-jazz of Malika Zarra; songwriter and saxophonist Alabaster DePlume featuring Momoko Gill (aka MettaShiba); a collaboration of the Israeli singer, musicianmoreRadio Wira Wiri #38