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Algemene Voorwaarden

Privacy en bescherming persoonsgegevensWIRA WIRI PRODUCTIONS verzamelt persoonsgegevens van deelnemers voor het bijhouden van haar bestand, voor het uitvoeren van betalingsopdrachten en voor de administratie. WIRA WIRI PRODUCTIONS gaat zorgvuldig met deze verzameling van persoonsgegevens ommoreAlgemene Voorwaarden

Radio Wira Wiri #27

Listen to a new episode of Radio Wira Wiri, with chamber pop of Citron Citron; psychedelic sounds from Cyprus by Antonis Antoniou; beautiful instrumental music by Arifa; Chi sonä e cantä no nmórë majï, amoreRadio Wira Wiri #27

Radio Wira Wiri #26

In this episode new albums of the Franco-Malagasy band Berikely & Zama; Avalanche Kaito, a collaboration Kaito Winse and noise punk duo Le Jour du Seigneur (album cover); Nyati Mayi & The Astral Synth Transmitters;moreRadio Wira Wiri #26

Radio Wira Wiri #25

In this episode: the Helsinki-based quintet, Dantchev:Domain; the visionary South African pianist and composer Nduduzo Makhathini; The Bogie Band feat. Joe Russo; the Malian guitarist Vieux Farka Touré; Alhaji Waziri Oshomah, with pan-Nigerian highlife; bassmoreRadio Wira Wiri #25

Radio Wira Wiri #24

In this episode: the Colombian joropo sensation Cimarrón; Paolo Angeli on his prepared sardinian guitar, an orchestra-instrument with 18 cords; BKO from Mali appeal to the magical spirit of the djinn; Neapolitan singer-songwriter FLO; GreekmoreRadio Wira Wiri #24

Radio Wira Wiri #23

In this episode: Branka Básits, a musician with Hungarian-Serbian roots; a reissue on Analog Africa of Mack-Joss’ Orchestre Massako (picture); Argentinian artist Crespin and traveler; American jazz singer Somi honors South African singer, songwriter, andmoreRadio Wira Wiri #23

Radio Wira Wiri #22

In this episode the Canadian Caribbean band Kobo Town; poet-performer Alabaster Deplume; singer and cellist Dorota Barová; contemporary Balinese music by Dewa Alit & Gamelan Salukat; co-founder of Zongo Music, K.O.G & The Zongo BrigademoreRadio Wira Wiri #22