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Radio Wira Wiri #11

In this epidose: raw traditional music from Egypt, India and the Comoro islands, but first the project Cloud of I a project of Yuli Shafriri; big band Balimaya Project led by composer/arranger and Djembe player, Yahael Camara Onono; unheard music of Comorian; the Russian folk project Vysoko; Brazilian jazz pianist Amaro Freitas; sound laboratory Zafîf; dreamy samba of Dom La Nena; Bagga Khan, master of bhajans and Bhakti music; Mazaher, the last remaining Zar practitioners; a reissue of seventies soul diva Sylvia (picture); Tao Ravao & Vincent Bucher with a mix of Blues and music from Madagascar.

Radio Wira Wiri #10

In this episode you hear the singer-songwriter Samba Touré from Mali (picture); Turkish classical/cinema singer Efruze; Anatolian music in German of Ozan Ata Canani; singer-songwriter Jadsa from Bahia; Finis Africae, an important exponent of the 1980’s Spanish electronic music scene; Persian female group Atine; contemporary folk of the Portuguese band Chica; direct-to-disc improvisation by Sarathy Korwar & Upaj Collective; Bakaka Band from Somalia on the label Analog Africa; raïssa singer Rkiya Talbensirt on the Moroccan anthology “Rrways,Voyage dans l’ univers des poètes chanteurs itinérants amazighes”.

The 7 samurai 2021

This was a great surprise to me, a dream has come true. For this year’s Womex I am one of the 7 samurai, the Jury that will be curating the Showcases for the official Programme, in the 27th edition of the event that will be taking place in a physical format in Porto, Portugal, from 27 – 31 October 2021.

The Showcase Samurai:
António Guimarães (Portugal), owner, general manager, AMG music
Charlie Crooijmans (The Netherlands), music journalist, musicologist, radio host
Kerry Clarke (Canada), artistic director, Calgary Folk Music Festival; programmer, Block Heater Festival
Lewis Robinson (UK), owner, Mais Um Records; radio host: WorldwideFM, Soho Radio
Todd Puckhaber (USA), former senior music and event programming manager, SXSW

Radio Wira Wiri #9

In this episode I have a lot of contemporary African music, but first Beijing-based producer Howie Lee; dub reggae legend Lee “Scratch” Perry; vocal group San Salvador; Jupiter & Okwess; Christina Salem from the Reunion Island; kora player Ballaké Sissoko; Kady Diarra; Alper Tuzcu featuring Helena Beltrão; Roberto Delira rekonstrukcja-destrukcja; folk singer-songwriter Fay Hield; Echoes of Zoo from Belgium; Osayomore Joseph And The Creative Seven on Analog Africa.

Radio Wira Wiri #8

In this episode you’ll hear a few political engaged songs. Balkan Taksim from Romania; a personal revolution of La Chica (picture); João Selva about Black Atlantica; Antonis Antoniou on the division of Cyprus; Vuelo Animal about South American social outbreak. Afrobeat next level of Made Kuti; Rafiki Jazz with borderless music; Antônio Neves gives a portrait of the current Brazilian music scene; Steve Tilston about young homeless people; Ghetto Priest re-interprets the music heard by his his parents, the Windrush Generation; Transglobal Underground ft. Perunika Trio; Dutch-Turkish band Altin Gün; Julie & Andreas on bandoneon and harp; David Walters features Vincent Segal, Ballaké Sissoko, & Roger Raspail; the French reggea band Dub Inc unplugged.

Radio Wira Wiri #7

In this episode a lot of African music from different countries and some jazz. But first we are going start with Denise Chaila, a Zambian-Irish rapper and poet. Then a reissue of the Queen of the Mbira: Stella Chiweshe, jazzflutist and composer Naïssam Jalal, old new taarab from Zanzibar: Shakila & Black Star Musical Club, Mugogo of Flexfab & Ziller Bas, trio Meril Wublsin from Switserland, duo Melisa Yildirim & Gilad Weiss, Afrobeats of the French Supergombo, twangy cultguitar of Omar Khorshid, and the jazz singer and composer Lina Nyberg from Sweden.