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Radio Wira Wiri #9

In this episode I have a lot of contemporary African music, but first Beijing-based producer Howie Lee; dub reggae legend Lee “Scratch” Perry; vocal group San Salvador; Jupiter & Okwess; Christina Salem from the Reunion Island; kora player Ballaké Sissoko; Kady Diarra; Alper Tuzcu featuring Helena Beltrão; Roberto Delira rekonstrukcja-destrukcja; folk singer-songwriter Fay Hield; Echoes of Zoo from Belgium; Osayomore Joseph And The Creative Seven on Analog Africa.

Radio Wira Wiri #8

In this episode you’ll hear a few political engaged songs. Balkan Taksim from Romania; a personal revolution of La Chica (picture); João Selva about Black Atlantica; Antonis Antoniou on the division of Cyprus; Vuelo Animal about South American social outbreak. Afrobeat next level of Made Kuti; Rafiki Jazz with borderless music; Antônio Neves gives a portrait of the current Brazilian music scene; Steve Tilston about young homeless people; Ghetto Priest re-interprets the music heard by his his parents, the Windrush Generation; Transglobal Underground ft. Perunika Trio; Dutch-Turkish band Altin Gün; Julie & Andreas on bandoneon and harp; David Walters features Vincent Segal, Ballaké Sissoko, & Roger Raspail; the French reggea band Dub Inc unplugged.

Radio Wira Wiri #7

In this episode a lot of African music from different countries and some jazz. But first we are going start with Denise Chaila, a Zambian-Irish rapper and poet. Then a reissue of the Queen of the Mbira: Stella Chiweshe, jazzflutist and composer Naïssam Jalal, old new taarab from Zanzibar: Shakila & Black Star Musical Club, Mugogo of Flexfab & Ziller Bas, trio Meril Wublsin from Switserland, duo Melisa Yildirim & Gilad Weiss, Afrobeats of the French Supergombo, twangy cultguitar of Omar Khorshid, and the jazz singer and composer Lina Nyberg from Sweden.

Radio Wira Wiri #6

In this episode you will listen to avant-garde music and folklore, percussion and brass. Starting with the Israeli-Persian electro-pop singer Liraz. Sophisticated instrumental music from Brazil of the duo Choro de Rua, abstract music of Satanique Samba Trio, Yannis Kyriakides & Andy Moor improvise on electronic sounds and guitar (picture), the Kurdish singer-songwriter Brader Mûsîkî. Percussion and brass: Azmari (Belgium), Hallelujah Chicken Run Band (Zimbabwe), and Corte (Brazil). Boi Akih’s Dryland from the album Storyteller, Ivan Grobenski in Croatian Kajkavian dialect. Multi-instrumentalist Leyla McCalla pays a tribute to Langston Hughes. Italian drums and voice of Andrea Piccioni, female folk group Merema from Moldovia, and the Rajasthani Barmer Boys with a human beat box.

Radio Wira Wiri #5

In this episode a lot of debut albums. And we dive into the future and go down the memory lane, starting with the Kronos Quartet paying a tribute to Pete Seeger. Furthermore a lockdown album by the Tunisian singer-songwriter Emel Mathlouthi. DJClick with the Mapuche, “People of the Earth”. Les Mamans du Congo & Rrobin. Producer and multi-instrumentalist Etienne de la Sayette feat. Racecar. Angel Bat Dawid & Tha Brothahood live in Berlin. European folk of Nevesta’s Voice. Dub and jazz of Kosmo Sound (picture). Afrofuture of Djely Tapa. Lucas Nwananga inspired by 1960s township guitar jive. Happy birthday to Ibrahim Maalouf. Mara Aranda with a Judeo-Spanish song. Fusion folk of Shum Davar. City-Nature boy Tio from Australia.

Highlights WOMEX and IMEX

This is a special edition of Radio Wira Wiri with highlights of the WOMEX (World Music Expo) and IMEX (Indonesian Music Expo). Listen to the ethnojazzband Kua Etnika from Yogyakarta, progrocktrio 동양고주파 from South-Korea, contemporary Saami music of Marja Mortensson, groovy Ghanese vintage of Alogte Oho and his sound of joy family. the Polish string’n’brass band Tęgie Chłopy, imaginary folk of Širom, Yorkston/Thorne/Khan with James Yorkston telling us how they got together, the 22-year old Brìghde Chaimbeul on Scottish smallpipes, lo-fi music from Malawi of the Madalitso Band (picture), Colombian female trio La Perla, Afro-Futuristic trash ensemble Fulu Miziki, and the Indonesian world music band Suarasama.

Radio Wira Wiri #4

In this episode of Radio Wira Wiri: Russian folk-heavy metal, ancient tune from Okinawa, 3,14: three European musicians playing Indian music, French rapper R. Wan with Salif Keita, reissue of a Japanese song from the 1980’s, avant-gardist Kiko Dinucci from Brazil (image of his album), cellist and singer-songwriter Nesrin, crazy cumbia of the Meridian Brothers, yoik singer Kajsa Balto, pure African music of the legendary Pascal Diatta & his wife Sona Mané and of the modern griot Kaito Winse, hip hop of the Afro-Cuban La Dame Blanche, improvisation of Aquiles Navarro & Tcheser Holmes from New York, and cinema-like music from Gabriel Bismut & Maurizio Minardi.

Radio Wira Wiri #3

In this episode of Radio Wira Wiri: remarkable female artists like The Rheingans Sisters, Tássia Reis and Sevdaliza, and interesting collaborations like Technoir, Lina_Raül Refree, Markus & Shahzad, and Zazou Bikaye. You will listen to soft genres like Folk, Fado and Sevdah, and (relaxed) uptempo music like Desert Blues, Latin, Electronic, Alternative Pop, and a lot of vocals from India.

Radio Wira Wiri #2

In this episode: four new Dutch releases, spiritual & experimental music, and sounds from Ghana, with Amsterdam Klezmer Band, Ghalia Benali & Romina Lischka, Mateus Aleluia, Vula Viel, Ebo Taylor junior with Wuta Wazutu, Khruangbin, De Kift, Mehmet Polat, Coreyah, Eyuser, Atønito, Gyedu Blay Ambolley, and Akwasi.

Radio Wira Wiri #1

This is the first episode of Radio Wira Wiri with new releases and reissues from around the globe: Mulatu Astatke & Black Jesus Experience, John Doyle, Trio Tekke, Moonlight Benjamin, SAULT, Pedro Lima, Las Áñez, Sidi Bemol, Billy Brooks, Minyo Crusadors, Tony Allen & Hugh Masekela, and Bab L’ Bluz.