Radio Wira Wiri #45

In this episode, Beijing-based bass beats artist Howie Lee; musician and producer Forest Law; jazz singer Kavita Shah inspired by Cape Verde; Catalonian folk quartet La Viu-Viu; the contemporary ensemble of the Finnish composer, guitarist Matti Wallenius Tunto; Gaelic and Scots singer Evie Waddell; Polish folktrio Sutari; Jazz pianist Amaro Freitas inspired by the mystics of the Amazon rainforest; impro duo Israeli guitarist Itamar Erez and Iranian percussionist Hamin Honari; Aynur, the voice of the Kurdish people; Afro-Peruvian sound system Novalima; Johanni Curtet of the soundtrack ‘If Only I Could Hibernate’; the Buryat people of Siberia; Inventionis Mater together with Ferdinando Romano, and Napoleon Murphy Brock playing Zappa.