Radio Wira Wiri #29

In this episode music for the nature; the Colombian-Japanese art-pop duo Flash Amazonas; the Iraqi-Jewish singer-songwriter Yoni Avi Battat; Run Logan Run, an improv duo from Bristol; Bahian singer-songwriter Lucas Santtana (album cover); Franco-Algerian singer-songwriter Souad Massi, featuring Piers Faccini; Bolivian artist TIMPANA; the psychedelic Anatolian sound of Şatellites; kora player Ablaye Cissoko & accordionist Cyrille Brotto; jazz singer and songwriter Carmen Souza; the young beatmaker and drummer Silvan Strauss; the Rumi project of Constantinople, Kiya Tabassian & Ghalia Benali; the Ukrainian-Canadian trio Balaklava Blues; and ambient/electronic composer Photay and Carlos Niño.