Radio Wira Wiri #15

In this episode mainly acoustic instruments, beginning with the debut album of Ignacio Maria Gomez (picture); the Polish avant-folk trio Sutari; Barbora Xu tries to build a bridge between the Taiwanese and Finnish ancient cultures; Mutti Mutti man Kutcha Edwards is a crooner from Australia; Brazilian Afro punk singer Juçara Marçal with her latest single ‘Crash’; psychedelic folk of Cyprus-based trio Monsieur Doumani; contemporary folk of Swedish Väsen Duo; Tamala with voice, xalam, kora, and violin; Sicilian traditional music with the electric drive of Algerian Rai by the French band Crimi; a reissue of the album ‘Khalik Hena’ from 1973 of the Arabic diva Warda; the Cultural Association for Research and Diffusion of Hispano-American Folklore Amankay.