Radio Wira Wiri #4

In this episode of Radio Wira Wiri: Russian folk-heavy metal, ancient tune from Okinawa, 3,14: three European musicians playing Indian music, French rapper R. Wan with Salif Keita, reissue of a Japanese song from the 1980’s, avant-gardist Kiko Dinucci from Brazil (image of his album), cellist and singer-songwriter Nesrin, crazy cumbia of the Meridian Brothers, yoik singer Kajsa Balto, pure African music of the legendary Pascal Diatta & his wife Sona Mané and of the modern griot Kaito Winse, hip hop of the Afro-Cuban La Dame Blanche, improvisation of Aquiles Navarro & Tcheser Holmes from New York, and cinema-like music from Gabriel Bismut & Maurizio Minardi.